A PROVEN PROGRESSION พัฒนาการที่คุณพิสูจน์ได้

Our certified instructors enroll various of the lastest and the most sophisticated golf technologies from all over the world such as Gears Golf, Smart2move 3D, KCoach, SAM putt Lab, Capto, Hackmotion, Sports box AI and many more golf technologies to create the Bio swing dynamics which enables the golfers to develop their golf skills and level up their golf game.



We strive to help every golfers with their own perfect swing.

Let’s visit Golfing Ground Performance Center today for a proven progression.


Swing Clinic
START 3,500 Baht

Advance Program
START 25,000 Baht

Junior Fundamental & Junior Advance Program
START 22,000 Baht

Fundamental Program
START 18,000 Baht
Intermediate Program (On Course 18 Holes)
START 25,000 Baht
Junior Intermediate Program (On Course 18 Holes)
START 22,000 Baht
START 8,600 Baht