The Force Pedal Bundle (Regular + Mini)

รหัสสินค้า : FORCE004


3,200.00 ฿

ราคารวม 3,200.00 ฿



It’s an introductory challenge to ground reaction force application. With 2 different thicknesses, firm & soft it will help you train ground reaction force by developing new neuro-physiological patterns.

The Force Pedal mini is the logical follow-up to your progression. With the same engineering as the original force pedal, the comfortable size allows you to maintain the feel of your progress in ground reaction force.

Two thicknesses

You can train with the softer orange force pedal, or the firmer yellow to suit your capabilities.


The patented unique hexagon shape allows you to actually feel and use GRF versus pushing down on a hallowed out rubber tennis ball.

Vertical Force

One of the big power sources for any athlete, The Force Pedal helps you train and time your vertical force to perfection.


Depending on how you use it, The Force Pedal can be used to either challenge your stability or actually help your stability.